Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

Now this is a week I call fully rolling. There was a full 7 snapshots since the last review – which is about the maximum we can do in a week with one snapshot per day (or we have to change the versioning to not be only ‘date’ based). So, this review is about the snapshots {20161110..20161116}.

What did Tumbleweed get with those snapshots:

  • Digikam 5.3.0
  • The rest of GNOME 3.22.2 – timely with the upstream release
  • Boost fix for python3 integration
  • KDE Applications 16.08.3
  • Linux kernel 4.8.7
  • Virtualbox 5.1.8 – as a preparation for Kernel 4.9

And the next few snapshots promise to keep up the flow of new things incoming – bigger and smaller updates:

  • KDE Frameworks 5.28.0
  • Mozilla Firefox 50
  • Mesa 13.0.1 – bringing quite some bug fixes
  • And of course, as usual, all the nice things the YaST Team is talking about