Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

Tumbleweed is unstoppable – Can you keep up with the updates? This week, we released 5 snapshots (1104, 1105, 1107, 1108 and 1109) – and the next one is likely not too far away. But you expected that.

With so many snapshots, what did we get?

  • GNOME 3.22.2 (bits and pieces spread through the snapshots, some small apps still coming)
  • KDE Plasma 5.8.3
  • ffmpeg 3.2
  • Linux kernel 4.8.6
  • Samba 4.5.0
  • Mesa 13.0
  • Libreoffice
  • linux-glibc-devel 4.8

Quite impressive list this time – and in fact almost none of those caused any trouble in the staging areas. It ‘looked’ like an easy week to me. This is all due to the great efforts the package maintainers do when submitting things. High quality packages cause less trouble. So, at this place: Thank you!

With so many things delivered this week, I’m running out of submissions, and my list of upcoming things is rather short for now:

  • Digikam 5.3.0 (1110+)
  • KDE Applications 16.08.3
  • Linux Kernel 4.8.7
  • qemu 2.7

Keep your systems up-to-date, send in great features you’d like to see, and have a lot of fun