Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

This week has proven to be challenging for Tumbleweed. We have built and tested 6 snapshots, and only 2 of them were of sufficient quality to send out to the users. Of course, that means our QA infrastructure is well suited in protecting you, the users, from running into trouble – and that is the best thing we can show with this.

The two snapshots published were 0227 and 0302, containing these interesting changes:

  • NetworkManager 1.30 – with WPA3 support
  • The YaST stack update, as recently announced by the YaST team
  • Mozilla Firefox 86.0
  • Mozilla Thunderbird 78.8.0
  • KDE Plasma 5.21.1
  • Dracut 053
  • krb5 1.19.1
  • pipewire 0.3.22: pipewire-pulseaudio should mostly be able to replace PulseAudio
  • podman 3.0.1

A big chunk of what was announced last week was thus delivered, a few things are still on the todo – together with a few new things:

  • Linux kernel 5.11.2
  • openssl 1.1.1i, based on centralized crypto-policies package
  • KDE Plasma 5.21.2
  • glibc fix for our i586 users
  • GCC 11 as the default compiler