Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

Week 31 has seen a steady flow of snapshots. The biggest snapshot was 0721, for which we had to do a full rebuild due to changes in the krb5 package, that moved some files around. In order for all packages to keep up with this change, the full rebuild was needed. The week in total has seen 7 snapshots being published (0721, 0724, 0726, 0727, 0728, 0729 and 0730)

The changes included in those snapshots were:

  • krb5 file system layout changes (moved to default locations)
  • Mesa 20.1.3 & 20.1.4
  • NetworkManager 1.26.0
  • Flatpak 1.8.1
  • Python3 package was renamed to python38, allowing for further parallel packages like python39
  • sudo 1.9.2
  • KDE Plasma 5.19.4
  • Mozilla Firefox 79.0
  • Nano 5.0

The changes currently in stagings are around the topics of:

  • grub2 to address Boothole issues (will come with a new signing key for grub/kernel/shim)
  • GCC 10.2
  • LibreOffice 7.0rc2
  • Change of /tmp to tmpfs
  • openSSL 3.0
  • RPM changes: %{_libexecdir} is being changed to /usr/libexec. This exposes quite a lot of packages that abuse %{_libexecdir} and fail to build. Additionally, the payload compression is being changed to zstd