Doubtless you’re all aware that openSUSE 11.2, as great and up to date it is with many packages, was shipped with an outdated version of compiz version 0.7.8. The reasoning behind this was that some patches for NOMAD just were not able to be forward ported in reasonable time. At one point I started fixing / backporting some fixes from 0.8.4 to 0.7.8 and was granted maintainer status for the compiz packages, which is a great honor to me. Nevertheless, this happened too late in the 11.2 release cycle to include more recent packages. We were already in version freeze and I could never get this through.

But the good news: development of openSUSE 11.3 started and not much longer, all compiz related packages have been updated to their latest and greatest (hopefully) version. The development project X11:Compiz in the openSUSE BuildService already has fully built packages, which I tested on my Factory installation. In order to target a larger audience for testing, those packages have also been forwarded to openSUSE Factory. So if you’re running Factory and Compiz on it: be prepared for this update.

Should you happen to see any bugs, feel free to report all of them in Bugzilla (component and product are pre-selected with this link).