I have been away from my build host for too long, but as many of you doubtless realized: in time for the VLC 1.0.6 release the repository is fully back on track and the latest packages have landed (ok: this post is a bit late: the packages have been there for a while and you all enjoy them).

The ChangeLog for VLC 1.0.6 reads:

  • Access:
    • Fix crash on FTP URI with no file path
  • Decoders/Packetizers:
    • Fix overflows in A/52, DTS, MPEG Audio and subtitles support
  • Demuxers:
    • Update LUA script for Youtube pages
    • Fix crashes in AVI, ASF and Matroska files
    • Fix crashes on malformatted ZIP archives
    • Fix crashes and leaks in the FFmpeg/avformat plugin
    • Fix crash on invalid XSPF playlist
  • X11 port:
    • Partial Xlib threading fixes
  • Interfaces:
    • Fix crash (use after free) in Qt4 bookmarks
    • Fix a few crashes in Qt4 playlist
  • Removed modules:
    • RTMP input and output are removed due to security problems.
      Please update to VLC 1.1.0 which provides an FFmpeg-based RTMP
      input if needed.

VLC 1.1.0 branched in upstream git

VLC 1.1.0 has been branched and is quickly heading towards a release. git MASTER by now already tracks VLC 1.2.0. The vlc-beta packages in the VideoLAN repo have always been tracking git master, and as such also represent VLC 1.2.0 (very early development!) at this stage.

As soon as VLC 1.1.0 is ready for final users, the packages will be available to all of you as quick as possible again.