Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

‘The weed is tumbling’ – with a set of five snapshots in week 39 (0924, 0925, 0926, 0927 and 0928). If we keep this up and manage to improve just a little bit, there is nothing stopping us from daily snapshots.

What did all those snapshots bring us:

  • Mesa 12.0.3
  • GNOME 3.22 late bloomers (some non-core apps often are released a bit late)
  • irssi 0.8.20 – CVE-2016-7044 and CVE-2016-7045
  • Mozilla Firefox 49.0.1
  • bind – CVE-2016-2776
  • Linux Kernel 4.7.5
  • openssl 1.0.2j

And some things many of you have been waiting for are in the staging areas:

  • Freetype 2.7 – some people actually started working on the fixes. THANKS!
  • Qt 5.7 – It seems to shape up. I think it won’t be much longer
  • KDE Plasma 5.8 is being prepared. We hope for a timely integration
  • Mono 4.6
  • Bash 4.4 – Fixes for logrotate and dracut required

With the weekend ahead, some of us will make use of the time to fix more issues, some will just relax. Whatever it is you do: have a lot of fun