Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

Tumbleweed is back at full speed – with seven snapshots released in as many days. The release team could again not let their hands off the system even on the weekend and delivered all the changes as fast as possible.

The most relevant changes in those seven snapshots were:

  • Bind 9.18.21
  • GStreamer 1.22.8
  • SELinux 3.6
  • firewalls 2.1.0
  • Linux kernel 6.6.10
  • GNOME 45.3
  • Node.js 21.5.0
  • Grub 2.12
  • Meson 1.3.1

While looking at the staging projects, there has been some progress, but the list of older requests is mostly unchanged. With the holiday period over, we can all expect changes there relatively soon. Currently, we have these changes staged:

  • Linux kernel 6.6.11
  • systemd 254.8
  • RPM 4.19: all fixes have arrived, and the final phase has started. We expect openQA runs over the weekend and will likely ship it soon. With RPM 4.19, we will have to promote cmake to ring0
  • Ruby 3.3: yast failures are being debugged and worked on
  • libxml 2.12.x: slow progress
  • openSSL 3.2.0
  • c-ares 1.21.0: nodejs build fails have been resolved, but a new cycle has formed: appstream-glib, c-ares, curl, googletest, nghttp2, python311
  • dbus-broker: no progress: openQA fails to launch the network stack in the installer