Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

I was in the fortunate situation of enjoying two weeks of offline time. Took a little bit of effort, but I did manage to not start my computer a single time (ok, I cheated, checked emails, and staging progress on the phone browser). During this time, Richard has been taking good care of Tumbleweed – with the limitations that were put upon him, like reduced OBS worker powers and the like. In any case, I still do want to give you an overview of what changed in Tumbleweed during those three weeks. There was a total of 8 snapshots released (0718, 0719, 0725, 0728, 0729, 0731, 0801, 0802). A few of those snapshots have only been published, but no announcement emails were sent out, as there were also some mailman issues on the factory mailing list.

Those snapshot accumulated the following changes:

  • Linux kernel 5.18.11
  • Pipewire 0.3.55 & 0.3.56
  • nvme-cli 2.1~rc0
  • XOrg X11 SFFmpeg21.1.4
  • ffmpeg 5.1
  • qemu 7.0
  • AppArmor 3.0.5
  • Poppler 22.07.0
  • polkit: split out pkexec into seperate package to make system hardening easier (to avoid installing it jsc#PED-132 jsc#PED-148).

The next snapshot being tested is currently 0804, which mostly looks good with some ‘weird’ things around transactional servers. This snapshot and the current state of staging projects promise to deliver these items soon (for any random value of time to fit into ‘soon’):

  • Mesa 22.1.4
  • Mozilla Firefox 103.0.1
  • AppArmor 3.0.6
  • gdb 12.1
  • Linux kernel 5.18.15, followed by 5.19
  • libvirt 8.6.0
  • nvme-cli 2.1.1 (out of RC phase)
  • KDE Plasma 5.25.4
  • Samba 4.16.4
  • Postfix 3.7.2
  • RPM 4.17.1, with some major rework on the spec, i.e previously bundled things like debugedit and python-rpm-packaging are split out)
  • python-setuptools 63.2.0
  • Python 3.10.6
  • CMake 3.24.0