Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

This week has shown that Tumbleweed is indeed back at full speed. We have published new snapshots daily. Of course, that also means we could rely on not receiving broken things that managed to slip through stagings without being noticed. So thanks go mostly to the developers/maintainers who submitted pre-tested things. And openQA of course!
The snapshots were numbered 0826…0901.

The most notable changes during this week included:

  • The missing pieces of the GNOME 40.4 update (complete now)
  • rpmlint 2.1
  • openssl 1.1.1l
  • pipewire 0.3.34
  • Linux kernel 5.13.13

The staging projects are currently filled with those major changes:

  • Mesa 21.2.1
  • Mozilla Firefox 91.0.2
  • systemd 249.4
  • Linux kernel 5.14.0
  • KDE Plasma 5.22.5
  • KDE Applications 21.08.1
  • glibc 2.34: bug tracking remaining failures: boo#1189079
  • shadow 4.9: boo#1190145 and boo#1190146