Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

This week seemed rather calm except for a minor glitch with the Linux kernel 5.11.16, which, due to a build failure, was out of sync between the various kernel sub-packages for one snapshot. The pace of the snapshots was averaged at 5 snapshots (0423, 0425, 0426, 0427, and 0428).

The changes included things like:

  • Linux kernel 5.11.16 & 5.12.0
  • KDE Gear 21.04.0 (formerly KDE Applications)
  • Mozilla Firefox 88.0
  • NetworkManager 1.30.4
  • Virtualbox 6.1.20: some services were renamed; e.g. vboxautostart.service” is replaced by “vboxautostart-service.service

The plan for the upcoming snapshots currently includes:

  • TeXLive 2021
  • Move openmpi default from openmpi2 to openmpi4
  • GNOME 40.1
  • icu 69.1: for the ring packages, nodejs15 seems to be the last blocker
  • Switch from go 1.15 to go 1.16: most packages fixed, the last failure in Staging:M is cilium
  • GCC 11 as default compiler: Move from special-purpose Staging:Gcc7 to Staging:O (incl. openQA test coverage). There are a few more build failures to be addressed.
  • UsrMerge: The current state is that we checked in all changes and are planning on actually doing the switch somewhen in the not too far future, likely together with the planned distro-rebuild for GCC 11