Dear Tumbleweed users,

At the moment, Tumbleweed snapshot 20210212 is being synced out to the
mirrors; the public announcement of the snapshot being available will
(estimated) be at around 12pm CET (Feb 16)

I want to inform you upfront of a few specialties:

  * The snapshot is going to be large, in the number of packages to
‘update’ (mostly rebuild counters) and thus also megabytes.
  * The snapshot is the first to be based on glibc 2.33

While testing this snapshot, a few things were broken (which delayed
publishing a bit). There are, however, still two issues known which you
should be aware of:

  * NIS integrated system administrators might want to check out – the nss_compat
module does not load additional modules, which means you might have to
adjust the nsswitch.conf to make ‘nis’ an explicit setting.
  * Especially on 32bit systems we had seen a bunch of sandboxing
features not behaving as expected. This currently (still) affects
libqt5-qtwebengine. An additional fix is currently being published in
parallel into the update channel
( In case you see
rendering issues (kmail for example) make sure to have this update

The other fixes (OpenSSH, chromium) which we had seen in prior testings
are already included in snapshot 20210212 and should not be of concern.

As usual, if you see new bugs appearing, please verify if somebody else
already filed them in and, if not already
present, file the bugs yourself.