Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

This week I have been fighting a bit with the size of the DVD. Due to some mistake in the pattern definition, it was for a good chunk ignored. Serves me right for fixing the error and then getting an ISO file that would not ever fit on a DVD, eh? Well, long story short: I needed to save some space, so looked at what the ‘fix’ newly brought on the DVD and aligned to what the DVD looked like before. As a result, week 28 only had two snapshots released (0707 and 0708), containing these changes:

  • Mozilla Firefox 78.0.1
  • file 5.39
  • Linux kernel 5.7.7
  • python3 packaging change (so far no difference for the user)

These changes are planned and work in progress:

  • GNOME 3.36.4
  • openSSL 3.0
  • Python3 package will be renamed to python38. The goal will be to allow multiple python versions to more easily coexist.
  • RPM changes: %{_libexecdir} is being changed to /usr/libexec. This exposes quite a lot of packages that abuse %{_libexecdir} and fail to build. Additionally, the payload compression is being changed to zstd