Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

You might have realized that the number of released snapshots was a bit low in the last two weeks. There is nothing, in particular, wrong or broken, just that I had a one week vacation – which in turn let things linger around a bit longer than normal.So during the last two weeks, we released a total of 5 snapshots – a number we usually see in a one-week review.

The snapshots were 0406, 0407, 0410, 0416 and 0417 and delivered those updates:

  • Linux kernel 4.16.0 & 4.16.1 & 4.16.2
  • Python 3.6.5
  • SQLite 3.23.0 & 3.23.1
  • Alsa 1.1.6
  • gpg 2.2.6

Snapshot 0416 had a bit minor issue with the kernel: it should have been shipped with kernel 4.16.2, but due to an OBS issue, some of the packages were not successfully built, resulting in a mix between 4.16.1 and 4.16.2 packages being published. As long as no kernel modules needed to be built on the local system, this did not cause an issue. And of course we made sure to fix this as quickly as possible: snapshot 0417 had those kernels all built in order.

What more is coming your way:

  • KDE Frameworks 5.45.0
  • GNOME 3.28.1
  • Linux kernel 4.16.3
  • KDE Applications 18.04.0
  • icu61.1: needs some fixes in php7 and nodejs