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Review of the week 2018/13

Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers, Looking at the snapshots (and the non-released snapshots) one could believe we entered spring break already. There have been only 3 snapshots released this week, a few more tested and discarded, for different reasons. The released snapshots were 0320, 0324 and 0326 and brought you these updates: Mozilla Firefox 59.0 […]

Review of the week 2018/12

Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers, This weekly review mostly benefits from last weeks late release of snapshot 0314 and the snapshots done over the weekend, so I can still report ‘4 snapshots published this week’. The snapshots covered are 0314, 0316, 0318 and 0319. These 4 snapshots included those updates: GNOME 3.28.0 New branding (bootsplash/wallpaper) […]