Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

The 2nd week of the year was had a slightly lower snapshot count than the first one, with 4 snapshots delivered this week (0104, 0106, 0107 and 0109). The next one to come (0110) will likely ask for more bandwidth to update, more about that snapshot later, in the ‘things to come’ section.

The last week brought us these changes:

  • Linux Kernel 4.14.11 and 4.14.12
  • LibreOffice 6 (RC1, but with KDE interface back, which was greatly awaited by many)
  • Kernel Firmware and intel ucode update
  • Python 3.6.4
  • LLVM 5.0.1
  • KDE Frameworks 5.41.0
  • Poppler 0.62
  • cmake prefers python3 over python2 when finding an interpreter

The things to reach Tumbleweed in the near future are:

  • MPFR 4.0 (Multi-Precision floating point) in snapshot 0110. As this library is so deeply nested into the compiler suite, a complete rebuilt of the distro was triggered, which will result in a larger upgrade for you
  • Mesa 17.3.2, coming with reworked package (mainly build time optimization, some reorganization, no effect at runtime expected)
  • Bind 9.11.2
  • RPM 4.14.0
  • Rust 1.23.0
  • librsvg2.42.0 – rustified version
  • The YaST Team’s libstorage-ng reimplementation