Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

I’m positively surprised: I can report about 3 snapshots that were released last week (0830, 0831, 0904) – and a 4th one passed openQA (0905) but some heavy truck must block the cable: the sync is blocked; I’ll still include it in the review)

I’m mainly astonished that there were still 3 (4) snapshots completed, considering the issues the infrastructure had during the last days (openQA had a corrupted disk/database, then disappeared on us).

What did those 4 snapshots being us?

  • More updates from the KDE Applications 17.08.0 stack
  • Linux Kernel 4.12.9
  • Mono 5.2.0
  • Mesa 17.1.8 (the packages wrongly identify was 11.1.6, sorry for that)
  • gpg 2.2.0

Work-in-progress items, that will reach you once ready:

  • Linux Kernel 4.13
  • GNOME 3.26
  • Glibc removes the obsolete libnsl/nis integration (a sep. libnsl is introduced)
  • Mesa 17.2.0
  • PHP5 will be removed from the repositories
  • Distro rebuild with -fstack-clash-protection enabled
  • Java 9 will become the default java implementation

Things are piling up – which is a good and healthy sign