Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

As usual, things keep on moving at a steady pace. Week 11 brought us 5 snapshots (0310, 0311, 0314, 0315 and 0316). There were a few minor hick-ups with the removal of gcc5 which could be sorted out.

The 5 snapshots brought us those noteworthy updates / changes:

  • GCC5 is no longer available in the repositories. libffi, which was part of gcc5, has been replaced by a standalone library
  • Postfix 3.2.0
  • Kernel firmware 20170303 – support for more nvidia cards
  • One grub2 updated with support for TPM2.0 caused issues on non-uefi systems. Update was reverted
  • Work towards splitting the pattern packages into smaller chunks that can then have different maintainers
  • KDE Applications 16.12.3
  • Linux kernel 4.10.3 (4.10.2 was also shipped in that week)
  • Even more python singlespec updates

It’s great to see this steady incoming of updates, especially also ‘more interesting things than just version updates. Things like python singlespec and the way system users/groups are newly handled are just great examples on how openSUSE moves forward.

Things that are currently being forged:

  • GCC7 will become available in Tumbleweed (not yet as the default compiler though)
  • GNOME 3.24.0 is scheduled for upstream release on Wed, Mar 22. The team aims to deliver a quick update for Tumbleweed shortly after

And I’m sure the hackers and packagers will come up with even more fun stuff.