Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

This week we had to cancel a couple snapshots, as a regression in grub was detected, that caused issues on chain-loading bootloaders. But thanks to our genius maintainers, the issue could be found, fixed and integrated into Tumbleweed (and this despite being busy with hackweek! A great THANK YOU!). Despite those canceled snapshots, this review will still span 4 revisions: 0216, 0218, 0219 and 0224. And believe me, there have been quite some things coming your way.

The most impacting were:

  • Linux kernel 4.9.10 & 4.9.11
  • Python 3.6
  • Mesa 17.0
  • KDE Plasma 5.9.2
  • Libreoffice

Python 3.6 did cause some trouble for users of applications beyond the rings (remember: only ring-packages are tested on integration of any updated package). You can find a list of packages still failing at – Help to get those sorted is appreciated from all sides.

What else is coming our way in the near future:

  • RPM – A regression was already spotted during 4.13.0 staging and upstream corrected it. A handful of packages still needs adjustments
  • GLibc 2.25 – Nobody seems to be providing fixes for any of the failures… Call for help! Please let’s move this forward
  • Linux Kernel 4.10 (snapshot 0225+)
  • python single-spec work: building code for multiple python targets out of a single spec file; first submissions started

As a reminder, here once again the link to the Factory dashboard, where you can see which staging areas are in need of help. All build failures need to be addressed in one way or another for a staging project to be moving forward.

With all this said, go forth and have a lot of fun!