Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

My personal feeling was playing tricks on me: this week felt like much less happened in Tumbleweed than it should. While checking the released snapshots though, I had to see that we published a total of 5 snapshots – so all seems fine and it’s just my perception. The snapshots taken into account for this review are 0707, 0709, 0710, 0712 and 0714.

Things that were shipped as part of those snapshots:

  • Kernel 4.6.3 (some people are confused about different rebuild counters between i586 and x86_64)
  • Python 2.7.12 – helping keep you safe
  • python-requests was downgraded to 2.9.1: helping the docker team to catch up
  • Shotwell 0.23.2 – Upstream is alive again
  • libsmbios 2.3.0 – with SMBios 3.0 support
  • libvirt 2.0 (updated from 1.3.5)

Still quite a list…

The next snapshot is already building (a big surprise is ready for you) – and much more is in Staging areas:

  • Plasma 5.7.0 – Will be in 0715+
  • KDE Framework 5.24.0 – Also part of 0715+
  • KDE Applications 16.04.3
  • TexLive 2016 – it does cause some troubles
  • Kernel 4.6.4 – just because we can
  • Freetype 2.6.5 – upsteam disabled the new hinting mode again due to regressions

That should do for now – Seems the rainy season brough some of our contributors back inside.