The openSUSE GNOME Team is proud to present you

the GNOME 3.8 for openSUSE 12.3 – Repository

You have eagerly been waiting for it, maybe you even dared to install the test repositories published during the last few days… if you happen to be amongst the ones that reported issues with it, then ALL THANKS go to you!

GNOME 3.8 was released on March 27 2013; the openSUSE GNOME Team worked hard, day and night, to give you this nice release for openSUSE 12.3, which was released on March 13 2013, as quick as possible, without skipping the QA entirely.

HOW do you get it?

The basic pre-requisit is a fully updated openSUSE 12.3 GNOME installation, where you add the GNOME 3.8 repository on top.
zypper ar -f obs://GNOME:STABLE:3.8/openSUSE_12.3 GS38
zypper dup --from GS38

There should not be any more questions than ‘Are you sure’ and zypper will do the rest; on your next login, you will be greeted by GDM 3.8 and login to GNOME 3.8.

NOTE for users of Non-English installations: due to new language strings, it is very well possible that part of your UI is not translated; this is due to optimizations in the way openSUSE prepares language packages and bundles, but in this situation it ‘fails’. The best way around this is to install gnome-shell-lang explicitly.

Should you, despite the testing done by various people, run into any issues, please let the openSUSE GNOME Team know about this. The best ways to reach us:

– on IRC: #openSUSE-gnome @
– by mail: openSUSE-gnome @
– For things that we can not solve with a few mails / chat lines, please register a bug at, Make sure to mention that you run GNOME:STABLE:3.8.

If you’re a little bit less  brave to just put it on your disk, but still would like to explore the options: there are life images being forged, which you can download HERE.

INTEL Graphic Chip Users
Please note that there is a known issue in the X-Stack of openSUSE 12.3, which GNOME 3.8 happens to expose. The fix for this has been released as an online Update (package Mesa); If you ensure your system is fully patched prior to installing GNOME 3.8, you should be all safe.