Today we released version 0.4.7 of libproxy. This version add support for Gnome 3 GSettings and bugfixes.

Enjoy !


* Support/require xulrunner 2.0+
* Support linking againgst libwebkit-gtk3 (-DWITH_WEBKIT3=ON)
* Port to gsettings for gnome3. (-DWITH_GNOME3=ON[default])
* Issues closed:
– #149: always test for the right python noarch module path
– #155: Cannot compile with Firefox 4
– #156: libproxy should build against webkitgtk-3.0
– #158: Won’t compile w/ xulrunner 2.0 final
– #159: libproxy fails with autoconfiguration “”
– #131: GSettings-based GNOME plugin
– #150: SUSE sysconfig/proxy config support

Packages for opoenSUSE Factory are already in their works and have been submitted for inclusion. That means that we will finally get all the apps supporting libproxy read the gnome3 proxy settings for us again.