openSUSE 11.0 has been End-Of_life for a good while already, but the VLC Repository kept on being available for the users still relying on it. There have not been any updates and rebuilds for a long time (maintaining new versions became a nightmare, as underlying libraries started to be outdated).

For this reason I’m hereby announcing that the 11.0 repositories will be removed from the videolan download infrastructure by March 1st 2011 ! If you rely on having the packages available for your personal installations, please make sure to create a local copy of the FTP tree.

On the bright side though: the 11.4 repository has just been uploaded. It is built against the latest snapshot of 11.4, which is somewhat between RC1 and RC2. Most likely not much is changing that would affect stability of the VLC packages. And like always of course: Factory package keep on existing. But they did for a long time already.