It’s been a long time since I was in touch with Enlightenment, back in the young days I used it as my first alternative Desktop Environment on Windows, before actually daring to switch to Linux.

Today I hear that version 1.0.0 of the core libraries have been released. Reason enough to actually look into this again. So 1 hour, many build failures and successes later, I have the entire core-stack built in my obs repository home:dimstar:Enlightenment. The window manager Enlightenment itself is not yet released as full release, but the latest snapshot can be found in my repo as well.

But that’s it so far: all core libraries are built. Nothing more. I did not even have time to test them yet.

If you feel adventurous, go, add the repository obs://home:dimstar:Enlightenment to your system (published for openSUSE 11.3 and Factory) and start playing with all of the things, starting with the window manager, which should generally pull in the rest.

What should be required (as root)
zypper ar obs://home:dimstar:Enlightenment Enlightenment
zypper in enlightenment

This will add my home repository to your catalog list and install enlightenment including dependencies. One logout later, you should see Enlightenment as a new session type in your *DM.

Have a lot of fun and share your experiences… I will test it after I get some sleep.