Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

We are slowly but surely reaching the end of the year 2023 with just six more weeks to go. This week we had some minor glitches on the publishing side: snapshot 1109 had been marked for publishing, but the syncing never happened. As this was just over the weekend, nobody noticed this until Monday, when the next snapshot was already pending in the publisher queue (and also not going out). The issue was then swiftly rectified with the help of the build service team. As a consequence, only the four snapshots 1110, 1113, 1114, and 1115 have been published. The changes from 1109 are not lost: they were still present in the subsequently published snapshots.

The most relevant changes to report during this week are:

  • Linux kernel 6.6.1
  • KDE Gear 23.08.2
  • KDE Frameworks 5.112.0
  • Binutils 2.41
  • gAWK 5.3.0
  • PostgreSQL 16.1
  • Mozilla Firefox 119.0.1
  • libeconf 0.6.0

In the future – near or far – you can count on those changes to reach you:

  • GStreamer 1.22.7
  • sudo: optional addon configuration for groups wheel or sudo (asking for current user’s password)
  • RPM 4.19
  • dbus-broker as the default dbus daemon