It’s been a while since gnome released version 2.26.2, a mainly bugfix release in the 2.26 series. openSUSE 11.1 originally was shipped with 2.24 and some great people created a repository in openSUSE buildService to offer the latest gnome also for the latest released openSUSE version.

All this happend back when latest gnome was at version 2.26.1, so ‘latest’ was no longer true.

While hanging around on IRC and looking forward to a long, non-filled weekend of 4 days, Magnus Boman teased me in taking care of updating the Gnome 2.26 repository to latest start.

Using the great provided tools at hand (mainly osc gnome, thanks Vincent!) I quickly grasped an overview of what needs to be done. some many hours of happy hacking later, I created the 33 needed submitrequests, filling up the mailboxes of Magnus and Vincent.

So, enough of pre-text, how can YOU get the latest GNOME 2.26.2 on your openSUSE 11.1 installation? The instructions, including the biggest pitfall, can be found at Be sure to follow it exactly, especially do not miss the step with the Backport repository.

And then? Logout/Login and enjoy GNOME 2.26.2