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  • openSUSE Tumbleweed – Review of the Weeks 2016/16

    Posted on April 22nd, 2016 Dominique Leuenberger No comments

    Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

    Tumbleweed seems to have found its rhythm at around 4 snapshots per week. I will cover the snapshots 0414, 0415, 0416 and 0417. After that, it took unfortunately a bit of effort to get more stagings ready. This then lead now to the fact that the next snapshot (0422) will be rather large. I will mention more about this further down.

    What were the 4 last snapshots about:

    • GNOME 3.20.1
    • Samba 4.4.2 (ensure to update using zypper dup!)
    • Many other bugfixes and updates

    The next snapshot (20160422) will be rather large and quite some packages will have new release numbers. Glibc 2.23 finally found its way through staging, which was the perfect time to change OBS to do a full rebuild of the distribution, ensuring all packages are again built against each other. Further, we disabled the support script that “removed the .desktop file translations in favor of gettext based language overlays”. Even though this was an interesting feature, it lead to quite some issues in the past with the fast pace of Tumbleweed. Sometimes upstream shipped a .desktop file with correct translations, but we stripped those ‘in favor of our own’ (which often were based on older strings). No longer doing this means eliminating all kind of such issues. But it was another reason for full package rebuilds. In an attempt to minimize how often we trigger such large updates, we scheduled this intentionally together with the glibc update.

    There are still a couple of things prepared in staging, most notably:

    • Qt 5.6 – The YaST issue / installer not having keyboard focus is still present
    • Linux Kernel 4.5.2
    • KDE Applications 16.04.0
    • GStreamer 1.8.0

    Let’s all work on all those great additions and many more

  • openSUSE Tumbleweed – Review of the week 2016/1

    Posted on January 9th, 2016 Dominique Leuenberger No comments

    Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

    This is the first review of the year – and will cover the four snapshots 20151231, 20160101, 20160105 and 20160107.

    First off, we heard about your issues with Plasma5/Akanodi/KDEPIM5. A short explanation: only things up to ring2 are tested in stagings to not break with checkins. Up to now, kdepim4 is in ring2 (as part of the default patterns, it is installed). kdepim5 is not. And thus, breakage, direct or indirect, is hardly seen. I heard from the KDE Team that there is a plan to correct this – then we will see kdepim5 as part of the rings and get more testing attention, as it deserves.

    Now, to the ‘better’ news – what did you get with those 4 snapshots:

    • Plasma 5.5.2
    • KDE Framework 5.17.0
    • KDE Applications 5.12.0 (sadly, not complete, which causes above mentioned issues)
    • Mesa 11.1.0
    • Rework Tumbleweed theme, based on the new graphics. Some minor glitches here and there to be corrected
    • and as usual, all the smaller library updates

    What are the things to expect soon:

    • Hopefully a fully working and stable Plasma environment with a complete set of KDE Applications 5.12.0
    • systemd 228: still pending as our test machine loses network connectivity after updating from 13.2
    • gcc 5.3.1: some more failures to fix with yast/boost: gcc got a bit more consistent and raises -Wdeprecated-declarations to errors when -Werror is also passed. This in turn makes some yast modules fail to build (yast uses -Werror, but the deprecation warnings come actually from boost).

    Have a great weekend, I’m looking forward to another exciting year for openSUSE