Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

This week felt quite unspectacular, but maybe that’s just for me and because I already know what will expect us next week. And so will you, soon! Anyway, first we look back one week. Tumbleweed has seen 5 published snapshots (0513, 0514, 0515, 0517, and 0519).

The main changes in those snapshots included were:

  • Linux kernel 5.12.3
  • elfutils 0.184
  • sudo 1.9.7
  • KDE Gear 21.04.1
  • PostgreSQL 13.3
  • Switched from go 1.15 to go 1.16

And now, for what we plan on releasing next week:

  • NetworkManager-Applet 1.22.0 (snapshot 0520, if all goes well)
  • Linux Kernel 5.12.4 (also snapshot 0520, if all goes well)
  • Rebuild all of Tumbleweed using GCC 11 (will happen on Tuesday, May 25th)
  • UsrMerge: as we already have a full rebuild scheduled, we’ll also flip UsrMerge on. This means the first snapshot published after May 25th will change /bin to be a symlink to /usr/bin. Thanks to Ludwig for having the energy to push this over the finish line! The switch started long ago