Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

The openSUSE conference was a success – and Tumbleweed keeps on rolling. Since my last review, we managed to push out 5 snapshots (0524, 0525, 0528, 0529 and 0530). At the moment, the open Build Service seems to be overloaded, likely a lot of new Leap 15. repositories added, but I’m not sure. In any case, I’ll monitor the usage and will wait a bit to trigger the next snapshot. But let’s look at what fun stuff tumbleweed delivered to the users in the last week:

  • Linux kernel 4.16.11 & 4.16.12
  • Mesa 18.1.0
  • gdbm 1.14.1
  • openSSH 7.7p1
  • Perl 5.26.2
  • GStreamer 1.14.1
  • QEmu 2.12.0
  • bundle-lang-* were removed. In case you use –no-recommends, you likely will miss some translations now. Please install the respective -lang packages.

The various staging projects are currently filled with good things. AS mentioned earlier, delivery will have to wait a bit though to settle the resource usage of OBS. Once this calms down, you can expect those things to reach you:

  • Qt 5.11.0
  • FFmpeg 4
  • Newer Linux kernels
  • GCC 8 as distro default compiler
  • Plasma 5.13.0 (currently, the KDE team is actively testing 5.12.90 already)
  • Go 1.10