Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

Last week I decided to skip the review. As many have realized, there were no snapshots for more than a week, I explained the reason for this here. The first snapshot after 0502 has been 0511. Since then we’re mostly back rolling and have released the snapshots 0511, 0513, 0515 and 0516, which, combined, included these updates:

  • Firefox 60
  • automake 1.16.1
  • GNOME 3.28.2
  • KDE Plasma 5.12.5
  • Kernel 4.16.7 & 4.16.8
  • Texlive 2018
  • Mesa 18.0.3
  • Gimp 2.10.0 (new workspace layout)
  • KDE Applications 18.04.1

The stagings are filled with more goodness already again:

  • KDE Frameworks 5.46.0
  • Freetype 2.9.1 (note: freetype-config is deprecated, but our package still provides it for now)
  • Massive cleanup of Haskell packages (minimizing to what the maintainers believe to be worthy to be maintained. About 1500 packages are removed from Tumbleweed)
  • ICU 61.1
  • Linux kernel 4.16.9
  • GStreamer 1.14
  • FFMpeg4 – help needed on opencv and libqt5-qtwebengine, which seem to be the two blocking candidates at the moment
  • GCC 8 as distro default compiler: still some work to do, see this list of currently known bugs.

As you hopefully know, next week will be the openSUSE conference in Prague. I hope to meet many of you there.