Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

The openSUSE Conference is in progress in Prague! If you’re around, don’t be shy to find me for a chat. If you have recommendations/comments, this is your chance to pass them on in person. In case you did not make it to the conference, you can of course always reach me by other means. As for Tumbleweed, the conference does not stop it from rolling – and I’m trying hard to find time in between talks to keep it moving. Which also means: in the last week, a total of 6 snapshots could be released (0517, 0519, 0520, 0521, 0522 and 0523), including these updates:

  • Freetype 2.9.1(note: FreeType-config is deprecated)
  • KDE Frameworks 5.46.0
  • Linux kernel 4.16.9 & 4.16.10
  • PulseAudio 11.99.1 (aka 12rc1, deemed stable)
  • Mesa 18.0.4
  • ICU 61.1
  • git 2.17.0

In the not too distant future, you can expect those changes to reach your Tumbleweed machine:

  • Linux kernel 4.16.11
  • GStreamer 1.14
  • FFmpeg 4 (still opencv and libqt5-qtwebengine failing)
  • GCC 8 as distro default compiler
  • Qt 5.12
  • Linux kernel 4.16.12 (and newer)