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  • GNOME 3.12.0 for openSUSE 13.1 ? Maybe…

    Posted on April 6th, 2014 Dominique Leuenberger 3 comments

    Hi there!

    As you are reading this, I guess you have an interest in openSUSE and GNOME; and you are already fully aware of GNOME 3.12 being released. Also, you do not want to wait for the next version of openSUSE 13.2 to be made available (will anyway only be in November, presumably with GNOME 3.14).

    So, how can YOU get GNOME 3.12 NOW on your openSUSE 13.1 system?
    The answer is simple: there IS already a repository available, but it is ABSOLUTELY not meant for the one that could not potentially recover from a bad repository state.

    The repository in question is called ‘home:dimstar:broken’
    zypper ar obs://home:dimstar:broken/openSUSE_13.1 GNOME-3.12
    zypper dup –from GNOME-3.12

    BUT, as the name indicates, it CAN be broken. A group of people did test this repository already and we concluded it ‘working on our machines’; but then, we only have a handful of machines.

    So, if you ARE interested in helping, testing and you are NOT afraid of having to revert from a potentially broken state, please feel free to add the repository, ‘DUP’ to it and enjoy.

    Any breakage notices? Please tell us in #opensuse-gnome on irc.freenode.net; best to hant around there with us and engage; we might have a bunch of question which you would be the only one to answer.

    So? What are you waiting for? GO GET IT!

    If you’re not as brave to add a repository that has ‘broken’ in the name (the name is intentional, for exactly that reason), then please stay tuned; depending on the feedbacks we receive, the repository will be fixed up and once considered stable be moved into the GNOME:STABLE namespace; at which time you can safely get it as well.

    Cheers! Happy testing.


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    • Works like a charm here! I notice a significant performance improvement over 3.10.

    • Works pretty well here, too! A few notes:

      * WordPress apparently automatically applies some double-hyphen to dash magic, so this command is reproduced wrongly:
      zypper dup –from GNOME-3.12
      Not sure you can even fix this

      * The Yast/GTK software manager now seems to take much longer to load.

      * Same thing goes for Rhythmbox.

      * GNOME Software is currently not very useful — maybe it just needs newer appdata?

    • I upgraded recently two of my openSUSE 13.1/Gnome 3.10 home workstations to Gnome 3.12 as suggested. During GDM logon the AMD machine, a confusing Authenciation required for Administrator password widget popup “to set the network proxy used for downloading packages”. I don’t know why and neither the user’s nor the root’s password work, and the widget has to be quitted. This doesn’t happend on another machine just with Nvidia on the same network!?

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