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  • GNOME 2.32.0 for openSUSE 11.3

    Posted on October 3rd, 2010 Dominique Leuenberger 8 comments

    WARNING – We have reports that this update does not (yet) work properly on x86_64. We’re looking into it

    Fellow openSUSE users!

    Of course you have anxiously been waiting for the GNOME 2.32 release. We all have. It took us a few moments to prepare a repository that we can offer you in order to update your openSUSE 11.3 installation, which was based on GNOME 2.30, to the latest and greatest GNOME 2.32!

    After having GNOME 2.32 prepared for openSUSE:Factory we decided to branch this off to also have our openSUSE 11.3 users profit from it. It showed that all in all the release was a rther simple one to offer. So no reason to not to!

    What do you need to do? It’s rather simple: you need two repositories in plus for your system, from the Build Service:
    * GNOME:STABLE:2.32 (the actual gnome 2.32 packages)
    * openSUSE:11.3 (the base OSS repository)
    (some might wonder now as in the past there used to be a GNOME:Backports:* repository required in plus. Considering that not adding this repository was the most common source of errors, we decided to no longer split out the Backport required packages)

    Once you have those repositories added, make sure that the GNOME ones have a higher priority than openSUSE 11.3 OSS repoasitory (attention: in zypper/yast, a lower number means higher priority) and then simply start
    zypper dup

    This should get your installation fully updated to GNOME 2.32.0. *SHOULD* unfortunately. It seems zypper is having a hard time with us and misses out on various packages. You can see those by executingzypper lu -a Make sure to update all the remaining packages from the GNOME 2.32 repository, as otherwise there will be issues with the system (missing / crashing panels and the like are very common). In our tests, those packages were affected of not being installed with zypper dup: evolution-data-server, gnome-utils, gtk2, gtk2-32bit, gtk2-engines and nautilus.

    Should you experience any problems with this, make sure to drop us a note on “openSUSE-gnome [ at ] openSUSE [ dot ] org” or join us on #openSUSE-gnome @ irc.freenode.net, where we hopefully can resort any problems you might be facing.

    Nothing more left to say than, in a traditional openSUSE way:
    Have a lot of Fun!


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    • Hello,

      I did all the steps here and after that I logged off and on. But now every windows disappear and appear and disappear.

      Can it be a problem with Gnome 2.32 and Nvidia ?

      Any idea why ?


    • Thanks for your report. The gnome team is currently working on resolving the issue, which most likely comes from incomplete update stacks (so far we could identify evolution-data-server as one cause for trouble).

    • Update to 2.32 causes conflicts with brasero and evolution-pilot (i586).
      I have noticed that the obs://GNOME:/STABLE:/2.30/openSUSE_11.3 repo doesn’t have any updates since sep-08. Are there no bugfix updates anymore? Should I switch to 2.32 to get actual bugfix updates?

    • 2.32.0 is heavy work in progress at the moment and it is not yet as smooth as it should be.
      AS for the 2.30 repo: seems just nobody is doing the work for it 🙂 Interested? 🙂

    • No thanks 😉 – I will wait until the dust settles on the 2.32 repo…

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