Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

Last week’s report was written on Friday, but it was only published on Monday by accident. As it nonetheless only covered changes to Friday, I will include changes to Tumbleweed since I last WROTE a review – not since I last published one. This means this weekly review covers the six snapshots 0202, 0204…0208. This week, glibc was updated to version 2.39, and Python modules are newly also built for Python 3.12. For this kind of change, we had to give the control to rebuild the dependency chains to OBS, which in turn resulted in larger snapshots. As those updates were done, the rebuild strategy was reset to ‘rebuild packages with local source changes plus things identified by our bot needing a rebuild’

The most interesting changes of this week were:

  • glibc 2.39
  • Python 3.12 (python modules built for it, but /usr/bin/python3 will still point to Python 3.11 for now)
  • Gstreamer 1.22.9
  • QEmu 8.2.0
  • timezone 2024a
  • Mesa 23.3.5
  • AppArmor 3.1.7
  • Linux kernel 6.7.4

With glibc and python off the queue, some of the larger changes are gone from our todo. But we’re far from done with the list – and new things keep on appearing. Just the way we like it. We are currently testing the integration of these changes:

  • Python 3.12.2
  • A bunch of cleanup work to eliminate more of python2 (boo#1219306)
  • dbus-broker: a big step forward; upgrades seem to be an issue that needs to be addressed
  • libxml 2.12.x: slow progress
  • c-ares 1.26.0: The build cycle could be addressed (splitting tests out into a 2nd run). We expect to ship this soon.
  • GCC 14: our usual 2-phase approach to introduce it. Currently working on phase 1, meaning GCC14 will be providing the base libraries (libgcc_s1, libstdc++…). The compiler itself will stay at version 13 for now. Only one issue left: qemu fails to build; phase 2 testing has started, but will take several weeks