Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

Welcome to the year 2024! I hope you had a great start and did not get too anxious about the few snapshots you received during the last two weeks. I’m sure many of you had better things to do than running zypper dup on their machines. Since I was having some days off myself, I missed the weekly review of week 2023/52 – so I will include this here as well. I will cover the six snapshots 1222, 1225, 1226, 1228, 0103, and 0104, which have all been released since my last reviews. 0104 is hot off the press!

The main changes in those snapshots were:

  • Mozilla Firefox 121.0
  • Postfix 3.8.4
  • Linux kernel 6.6.7 & 6.6.9
  • BlueZ 5.71
  • Poppler 23.12.0
  • Sudo 1.9.15p5
  • Qt 5.15.12
  • PHP 8.2.14

This week is still quiet, as many developers stretch the holiday period over the first week of the new year. So, it’s not a big surprise that many things on the to-do list are identical to the previous weeks. Things currently being tested in staging include:

  • meson 1.3.1
  • GStreamer 1.22.8
  • RPM 4.19.x: llvm17 fails to build (?)
  • Ruby 3.3: yast failures are being debugged
  • libxml 2.12.x: slow progress
  • openSSL 3.2.0
  • c-ares 1.21.0: breaks nodejs
  • dbus-broker: no progress: openQA fails to launch the network stack in the installer