Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

This week, timing is on our side – and we pushed out 8 snapshots in 7 days. Of course, this could only happen because openQA was so very swift in testing yesterday’s snapshot – it passed the entire QA run in just a bit over 3 hours (314 test runs).

The snapshots published were numbered 0427 through 0504 and they contained these changes:

  • openSUSE:Factory is now using suse_version 1699 (unless you need to distinguish it from ALP, keep using > 1500 or >= 1550 as done in the past. No need to use the new version just yet in normal cases
  • Mozilla Firefox 112.0.2
  • OpenVPN 2.6.3
  • gnome-shell / mutter 44.1 (late joiners for GNOME 44.1)
  • Boost 1.82
  • postfix 3.8.0
  • Mesa 23.0.3
  • Wayland 1.22.0
  • Linux kernel 6.3.1
  • libvirt 9.3.0

Staging projects are quite busy, most relevant changes happening at the moment are:

  • Adjustments for packaging guidelines: packages with more than one spec file (multispec) must now mention the additional spec files in _multibuild. This is needed for future changes to git-based source management, where package links are not supported.
  • systemd 253.4
  • PHP 8.2.5
  • libxml2 2.11.1: breaks quite a few things. Users that have the package installed from the devel project (no Tumbleweed QA runs!) experience issues with zypper failing to cache repositories
  • Switching default from ffmpeg-5 to ffmpeg-6 (only chromaprint blocks this by now)
  • openSSL 3.1: still a few broken packages – see
  • ICU 73.1: breaks libqt5-qtwebengine