Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

7 days – 7 snapshots. No surprise there, is it? Tumbleweed keeps on delivering snapshots in predictable ways. Nevertheless, there was a small surprise to me this week: a new glibc version (2.37) was submitted. I already feared that this would be blocking staging for weeks to come. But wrong I was! Just 54 hours after the SR was created, the update found its way into openSUSE:Factory – and 24 hours later it’s available to the users to install after passing openQA. Of course, that’s not the only thing that happened though, it’s just the most recent thing that stunned me.

The 7 snapshots (0202, 0204…0209) brought you these changes:

  • Mozilla Firefox 109.0.1
  • Mozilla Thunderbird 102.7.1 & 102.7.2
  • NetworkManager 1.40.12
  • GStreamer 1.22.0
  • openSSL 3 is now used by default – finally; openssl 1.1 (and 1.0) are still available in the repo
  • KDE Gear 22.12.1
  • PHP 8.1.15
  • Linux kernel 6.1.10
  • glibc 2.37
  • memtest86+ 6.1.0

For the next week (and beyond) these things are in the pipeline:

  • KDE Plasma 5.27
  • Rust 1.67 (likely to wait for 1.67.1 to address Mesa build failures)
  • Binutils 2.40
  • Enabling of python311 modules (keeping python 3.10 as the default interpreter in the first step)
  • Staging:H still tests ruby 3.2 as the new default (yast2-packager is the only failing package left)
  • Staging:L holds some packages breaking others stuff taking more time, like gpg2, and ant
  • Staging:Gcc7 tests the impact of using GCC 13 as the default compiler