Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

The move of OBS to the new data center has been completed and issues we had seen as a consequence of this are mostly fixed (all in working order, some performance not exactly where it used to be, but in a workable state). Yet, we only managed to release a single, small snapshot during this week: 20230828. Two more made it to QA but had to be discarded for bugs identified which slipped Staging.

Snapshot 0828 was, as mentioned small, and only brought you those changes over 0823:

  • clamav 0.109.9
  • Java OpenJDK
  • xfce4-terminal 1.1.0

The next snapshot (0901, should it pass openQA) will bring these changes:

  • Mesa 23.1.6
  • Mozilla Firefox 117.0
  • KDE Gear 23.08.0
  • glibc fix for malloc: Enable merging of remainders in memalign, remove bin scanning from memalign
  • grub 2.12~rc1
  • Linux kernel 6.4.12
  • XWayland 23.2.0
  • Keylime 7.5.0

Staging projects have been mostly cleared up: These few things are currently being tested:

  • Systemd 254.1: We are waiting for 254.2 due to identified performance regressions
  • libproxy 0.5.3 (changing from 0.4.18): This is the rewrite maintained by Volkswagen Group
  • FMT 10: breaks mariadb boo#1213219 and ceph boo#1213217; help welcome
  • libxml2 2.11.x
  • Linux kernel 6.5
  • Python Sphinx 7.2.4