Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

Apologies for sending out the review a day late, somehow I was drowning myself in build fixes yesterday, lost track of time, and suddenly it was too late. But of course, you are all curious to hear what happened during this week and, most likely even more interested in what the future holds for us. We again published a full 7 snapshots (1118…1124), of which 1124 did not have a Changes file generated, and thus no announcement mail was sent out (which will need to be investigated).

The most relevant changes in those snapshots were:

  • libinput 1.22.0: A new flat acceleration profile for trackpoints, making them more usable in some cases
  • ibus: switch to systemd service to start ibus daemon (boo#1201421)
  • Mesa 22.2.4
  • bind 9.18.9
  • Virtualbox 7.0.4
  • MariaDB 10.10.2
  • llvm 15.0.5
  • Nodejs 19.1.0
  • pipewire 0.3.60
  • Samba 4.17.3
  • Poppler 22.11.0
  • Memcached: binary was moved to /usr/bin to be aligned with RHEL and Debian (some of our build scripts explicitly expect it in /usr/sbin, those need to be adjusted)
  • Apparmor 3.1.2
  • Meson 0.64.0

Things that are currently in stagings or already passed and will be part of the next few snapshots:

  • VLC 3.0.18
  • Meson 0.64.1
  • Icewm 3.2.2
  • SQLite 3.40.0
  • Python setuptools 65.6.3
  • Libgcrypt 1.10.1
  • gawk 5.2.1
  • rubygem-rspec 3.12.0: YaST is in the progress of catching up with the needed changes
  • Switch default from ffmpeg4 to ffmpeg5 (opencv3 is the last package missing)
  • Switch to openSSL 3 (Status can be tracked in Staging:N)