Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

Last week, I skipped the review as over here, Thursday was a holiday and I decided to take Friday off as well and make for a long weekend (for a $random value of ‘off’ as it turned out). In total, Tumbleweed has seen 13 snapshots since the last review, which means it was ‘almost daily’ with one gap {0519..0601, except for 0529 – and 0526 was published, but never made it to the mirrors due to a config error)

Those 13 snapshots brought you these changes:

  • LLVM 14.0.4
  • Virtualbox preparation for upcoming Kernel 5.18
  • gnutls 3.7.6
  • GNOME 42.2
  • systemd 250.6
  • Perl 5.34.1
  • Mozilla Firefox 100.0.2
  • Linux kernel 5.17.9
  • Mesa 22.1.0
  • Pulseaudio 16.0
  • Buldflag FORTIFY_SOURCE=3

Last Friday, we had some issues with qemu, which would not start up anymore, reporting buffer overflows. The package had a patch added, and openQA has reported on that issue. I wrongly connected the two things (i.e patch causing the buffer overflows). So I reverted qemu in Factory and published that reverted into the Update channel, and giving those openQA fails a pass. Turned out this was wrong and Friday was spent together with Dario and a lot of testers to get to the actual root of the problem and give you a working qemu package back as quickly as possible. Apologies for the trouble caused there.

For the future, we are having a few things in Staging already again and will try to keep up with a good cadence of snapshots. The most interesting changes being worked on are:

  • Linux kernel 5.18.1 (Snapshot 0602+)
  • Mozilla Firefox 101
  • Mesa 22.1.1
  • KDE Plasma 5.25 (beta staged, release planned for mid-June)
  • SELinux 3.4
  • Python 3.10 as the default interpreter