Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

During this week, we only managed to get 4 snapshots (0324, 0328, 0329, and 0330) out of the door. Seems QA is slowing us down too much, so I decided to give up on it. To make Tumbleweed more plannable for upgraders, the new process will foresee a fixed time when a snapshot will go out – daily at 5 pm UTC. We will just ship out whatever we have built by that time. This is a minimal tradeoff between stability and plannability – after all, we all trust our developers and maintainers and we know that they test things before sending them your way. So no more need to slow down using QA!

Anyway, the 4 snapshots we delivered during this week contained these updates:

  • GStreamer 1.20.1
  • Snapper 0.10.0
  • Mozilla Firefox 98.0.2
  • systemd 250.4
  • timezone 2022a
  • ibus 1.5.26 – fixes some incompatibilities with GNOME 42

Of course, we continue planning what will come through in the next few days; currently, the plan includes:

  • Linux kernel 5.17.1
  • KDE Plasma 5.24.4
  • Mesa 22.0.1
  • gcc12: we won’t be switching to it as the default compiler yet, but we will start using the provided libstdc libraries from gcc12 (phazes migration, as done in the past)
  • procps-ng 4.0