Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

Once again we were able to demonstrate the power of OBS and openQA by allowing the GNOME maintainers to bring the shiny new GNOME 42 into a snapshot ‘the day it is published upstream’. GNOME 42 was released on March 23, 2022, and snapshot 20220323 already contains it. But of course, this is not all that happened during the last week. After all, we had a total of 6 snapshots published (0318…0323).

The main changes in those snapshots include:

  • NetworkManager 1.36.2 & 1.36.4
  • Linux kernel 5.16.15
  • librsvg 2.52.8
  • GNOME 42.0
  • VLC
  • Kubernetes 1.23.4 & 1.22.7

There is a change in the build system that might be of general interest: The default builrdoot when building against openSUSE:Factory no longer contains the packages hostname and iputils2. Those have just been carried around for internal requirements of OBS, which are no longer valid. There are a few packages around that blindly relied on those packages being present that might be filing now.

Things that are currently being forged to become ready for consumption are:

  • Move ot use Java 17 openjdk instead of Java 11 openjdk by default
  • timezone 2022a: causes a failure in a python module; any help is welcome
  • systemd 250.5
  • podman 4.0
  • Linux kernel 5.17: another python module failing:
  • transactional-update 4.0.0 (rc2 is will be shipped)
  • GCC 12 work keeps on progressing