Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

Tumbleweed has been strong and unstoppable: for the 2nd week in a row we have published daily snapshots, i.e. 7 snapshots since the late review. Snapshots were numbered 1125…1201.

The noteworthy changes in those snapshots were:

  • PCRE2 10.39
  • Mozilla Firefox 94.0.2
  • gpg 2.3.3
  • virtualbox 6.1.30
  • fprintd 1.94.1
  • Ruby CVE fixes: ruby 2.7.5 & ruby 3.0.3
  • Linux kernel 5.15.5
  • bash 5.1.12: /bin/sh is no longer managed using update-alternatives, but comes as part of bash-sh or alternative *-sh packages (currently only busybox-sh as alternative)
  • Tumbleweed moved suse_version from 1550 to 1599 to avoid a possible conflict on internal config files of build with the upcming SLE15SP5/Leap 15.5 plans

Changes that are currently being built/tested in upcoming snapshots and stagings:

  • KDE Plasma 5.23.4
  • Automake 1.16.5
  • Mesa 21.3.1
  • Poppler 21.11.0
  • Linux kernel 5.15.6
  • Harfbuzz 3.1.1: NOTE: this has an ABI break over 2.9.x, but Leap/SLE are moving as well and biting the bullet, and other distros do too
  • GCC 11: Enable the full cross compiler, cross-aarch64-gcc11 and cross-riscv64-gcc11 now provide a fully hosted C (and C++) cross compiler, not just a freestanding one
  • cmake 3.22.0
  • Moving default php version from php7 to php8
  • Testing the results when moving system ruby from 2.7 to 3.0
  • pipewire 0.3.40, with a move to from pipewire-media-session to wireplumber; currently failing openQA
  • openSSL 3.0