Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

Unfortunately, we could not keep up the daily streak of snapshots during this week. We ‘only’ managed to push out 6 snapshots. Over the last weekend, we had an openQA-worker causing some troubles, which resulted in not sufficient throughput to get anything ready to publish. But 6 snapshots is still acceptable, isn’t it? Anyway, we had the following releases: 1202, 1203, 1205, 1206, 1207, and 1208.

The main changes included were:

  • KDE Plasma 5.23.4
  • Automake 1.16.5
  • sssd 2.6.1
  • Harfbuzz 3.1.1: as announced, sadly with an ABI break. I triggered a rebuild of everything behind harfbuzz, so unless packages explicitly used the lost API, they should be back in shape at least. One known fallout is still electron, which I have a submission on the queue, scheduled for snapshot 1210.
  • Linux kernel 5.15.6
  • Mesa 21.3.1
  • gc 8.2.0
  • Poppler 21.12.0
  • strace 5.15
  • GCC 11: Enable the full cross compiler, cross-aarch64-gcc11 and cross-riscv64-gcc11 now provide a fully hosted C (and C++) cross compiler, not just a freestanding one

Stagings are almost all filled, and you can expect these changes coming to Tumbleweed soon:

  • Linux kernel 5.15.7
  • Mozilla Firefox 95.0
  • Rust 1.57
  • Kubernetes 1.23
  • KDE Applications 21.12.0
  • GNOME 41.2
  • Moving default php version from php7 to php8
  • Testing the results when moving system ruby from 2.7 to 3.0: YaST team is working on the main fallouts
  • Enabling the build of python310-* modules; the move of the devault python3 provider to python310 should follow soon after
  • pipewire 0.3.40, with a move to from pipewire-media-session to wireplumber; currently failing openQA
  • openSSL 3.0