Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

Dominique has been enjoying a vacation these last two weeks and left Tumbleweed in my hands. Thanks to all who’ve helped out as I got to grips with holding the reins solo for the first time.

These two weeks also saw the long Easter weekend. That said, we still managed to release 5 snapshots (0325, 0329, 0330, 0401 and 0406) during this fortnight, with 0408 currently in testing and an 0409 likely to be checked in tonight.

The changes delivered these weeks included:

  • SELinux 3.2 (now also used by default in MicroOS)
  • transactional-update 3.3.4
  • A large amount of YaST updates
  • Mozilla Firefox 87.0
  • git 2.31.1
  • kernel 5.11.11
  • Mesa 20.3.5 with a large number of fixes
  • MicroOS GNOME Desktop reaching [BETA] quality

The future, near or far, will bring those updates:

  • systemd v246.13 with cgroupsv2 enabled by default (Currently being tested in 0408)
  • libvirt 7.2.0 (Currently being tested in 0408)
  • GNOME 40 (Currently being needled, hopefully will be included in 0409)
  • KDE Plasma 5.21.4
  • LibreOffice
  • nodejs 15.14.0
  • gstreamer 1.18.4
  • Further MicroOS GNOME Desktop improvements
  • Python 3.9 modules: besides python36-FOO and python38-FOO, we are testing to also shop python39-FOO modules; we already have the interpreter after all. Python 3.8 will remain the default for now.
  • UsrMerge is progressing well, thanks to Ludwig for his continued work here
  • GCC 10.3.0
  • GCC 11 as the default compiler

Have a lot of fun!

– Richard