Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

The last week of 2020 has come to an end. Tumbleweed had been rolling steadily throughout the entire year and did went for the big finale of the year with a whopping 7 snapshots (1224, 1225, 1226, 1227, 1228, 1229 and 1231).

The main changes included there contained:

  • Mozilla Firefox 84.0
  • gtk+ 2.24.33: the final release of the gtk 2 series
  • Linux kernel 5.10.3
  • Ruby 3.0: rubygems have been enabled, default ruby version is still 2.7

As a lot of maintainers are busy with celebrations, the list of staging projects did not change drastically. As such, we still have these things in the works for 2021:

  • Linux kernel 5.10.4
  • icu 68.1: breaks a few things like postgresql. Staging:I
  • Multiple python 3 versions parallel installable. Adding to python 3.8, version 3.6 week be reintroduced. Python modules will be built for both versions.
  • RPM 4.16: all build issues in Staging:A have been fixed, but on upgrades, rpm seems to segfault in some cases.
  • brp-check-suse: a bug fix in how it detected dangling symlinks (it detected them, but did not fail as it was supposed to)
  • permissions package: prepares for easier listing, while supporting a full /usr merge
  • Rpmlint 2.0: experiments ongoing in Staging:M
  • openssl 3: not much progress, Staging:O still showing a lot of errors.