Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

First, apologies for the delay: I actually thought I’d have to cover two weeks, but when looking at the history, I realized it would be even three weeks to cover. That probably means there were no too special issues raised in the last weeks, otherwise, I’d have remembered more explicitly to write to you. Anyway, let me catch you up on recent changes in openSUSE Tumbleweed. by covering that 6 snapshots 1029, 1103, 1105, 1107, 1110 and 1112

The major changes were

  • KDE Plasma 5.14.2 & 5.14.3
  • openSSH 7.8: make sure to use the version from the update channel, as key based auth is broken in the regular channel package
  • RPM 4.14.2
  • Snapper 0.8.0
  • Squid 4.4
  • Mozilla Thunderbird 60.3
  • NetworkManager 1.14.4 – addressed some crashes
  • GNOME 3.30.2
  • FreeType 2 enabled subpixel rendering with infinality config
  • KDE Applications 18.08.3
  • Linux kernel 4.19.1: as is, sadly, almost usual with new major kernel versions, proprietary kernel modules are not yet ready to be used

There are also quite some changes pending in the various staging projects:

  • glibc 2.28, Python 3.7, openssl 1.1.1: the three all interdepend on each other and cause a bunch of new failures – See Staging:C
  • LLVM7 / Mesa 18.2.x (VLC crashes were debugged, a workaround should is submitted and being tested)
  • systemd 239
  • meson 0.48.x
  • OpenSSH 7.9: the default config will be stricter and root won’t be allowed to perform password-based login anymore
  • Installer redesign: the sidebar is coming back (showing where in the installation workflow one is currently)
  • Linux kernel 4.19.2