Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

Despite the ‘shorter’ work-weeks we currently see in Europe due to various celebrations, Tumbleweed keeps on rolling. This is of course thanks to our community that does not let itself be stopped by some days off from work.
This review will touch the snapshots 0508, 0511 and 0512.

Note-worthy updates shipped in those snapshots:

  • Plasma 5.6.3
  • Linux kernel 4.5.3

What is cooking:

  • Qt 5.6 – It is coming. Last night, a fix to address this was checked in to YaST. YaST is trying to work around an icewm issue, which would be much more complex to fix.
  • A switch away from sun rpc to tirpc. This is done in pam now and will move along to other areas, including glibc
  • KDE Application 16.04.1
  • Perl 5.24.0 – let’s be surprised on how much we might need to fix

Have a great weekend