Hi all!

First the good news: GNOME 3.8 for openSUSE 12.3 is shaping up rather well, despite the heavily overloaded OBS, we have a first ‘draft’ repository working.

The bad news: no, it is not just ready yet for ‘prime’ use. There are a few ‘easy upgrade’ issues to be sorted out… currently, zypper/YaST ask some ugly questions about no outdated packages to be removed.

Are you brave and curios? Feel free to add the home:dimstar:broken repository to your system (mind it: it DOES say broken in the name!). Ok, our tests showed it’s not completely broken if one answers all the yast questions smartly and ‘truthful’.

We believe though, having checked in fixes for all of the issues encountered and OBS is busy building again… about 30% already done. Once the builds are published in my ‘test project’ again, we will do some more checkups and if everything goes well, will release it into the wild.

ETA: approx end of this week.

Happy hacking all!

Update 2013-4-09: The now released ‘home:dimstar:broken’ repository seems to be much smoother than a few days ago… no more errors in my tests from zypper. Can anybody confirm this?