Don’t we all hate those annoying spam mails? But today I have some good news for you: Just read them and use them to get a good-morning laugh. Just as I did this morning out of this mail:

Dear Bank of India client,

We are contacting you to inform you that on February 20, 2010 our Account Review Team
identified some usual activity in your account.In accordance with User Agreement and to
ensure that your account has not been compromised,access to your account was limited.
Your account access will remain limited until this issue has been resolved.

I spare you the rest of it, as obvious it’s trying to get me to fill in a form and send all information possibly available over to some obvious fraudulent group. But that’s besides the point and I hope everybody knows that.

What made me laugh here was the fact that their ‘Account Review Team’ got alerted because I used ‘my’ (actually non-existing, but that’s a detail) Bank of India account for ‘usual’ activities (remark on the word USUAL). This makes one wonder if it’s really THAT special for a bank to have a client not involved in illegal activities? Or why else would my usual behaviour trigger their alarms?

Anyway: Thanks spammers for this good-morning laugh! Keep ’em coming my way please!